Brooklyn Snow

For the second straight day we woke up to find it snowing outside our window. Here's the view from our apartment this morning:

That's the back of the historic Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church on the right.  It was built in 1857 and used to be a stop on the Underground Railroad.  It is still a functioning church and there is a large annex in the back which houses the Irondale Ensemble Project, an Off-Broadway Theatre Company.

It seems like it's already snowed quite a bit more in New York City than it did last year.  Here are some pictures Ciara and I took the morning after the big storm we got that came just after this past Christmas, 2010:

Ciara in contemplation as deep as the snow.  Good thing we don't have a car!

People sledding in Fort Greene Park, a block away from our apartment.

When we heard New York City was going to get a "blizzard" we rolled our eyes a bit as the media seems to have a way of making a little snow turn into a treacherous storm.  But the hype was right on this time - there was actually a lot of snow and it took several days to get the city to function back to normal again.