The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler at Bear Mountain Race Report

Playing major catch up here! Ran TNF 50 at Bear Mountain for the 3rd consecutive year back in May. There was a course change which made it easier on paper…what wasn't foreseen was that the area had severe rains the few days prior to the race and major sections of the course were underwater.  It was a lot of slogging through the mud and after it was done, I remember thinking that the course was actually tougher this year because of the conditions.  Despite this fact, I felt mentally on top of things much more than the previous 2 years…rebounding from a healthy puking session shortly after the 40 mile mark was a highlight of this.  TNF 50 is always a good spring fitness test…not sure if I will run it next year or if I might try something different.  I would like to come back and try to lower my time eventually and know if I can manage my nausea I could easily take 2 hours off my best time here.  Definitely one of the most difficult ultras in the area and was glad to get my 3rd finish.

Got 'er done!!!