Vermont 100 Race Report

This is a very late post but back in July I had the awesome opportunity to travel around Vermont and New Hampshire before running the Vermont 100.  Was very impressed with the Green and White Mountains and I'm trying to figure out a way to go back there soon to get a peek at the fall colors.

The Vermont 100 went really well with my friend Beth taking the train up to Windsor to crew and pace me.  As memory serves, I physically fell apart with blisters under the balls of both of my feet around mile 80 or so (maybe it was earlier?) and death marched it in with Beth by my side.  Was mentally on top of it all day and night, with the exception of battling sleepiness and impatience as the night wore on.  Was very happy to finish in 27:32:20.

I'm trying to resurrect this blog and hope to get a post out soon about my IMTUF 100 run last week.