Cooperstown Memories

It was announced last week that Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero, Chipper Jones and Trevor Hoffman would represent the National Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2018. It is always a day I look forward to.

I remember watching Jim Thome play 3rd base in the Kingdome against the Seattle Mariners during the 1995 ALCS playoffs. He was a dominate power threat on those roster-stacked Cleveland Indians teams of the mid 90's, now sitting 8th on the all-time home run list. 

For years I saw Vladimir Guerrero tear up the AL West, crushing balls thrown out of the strike zone without the need of batting gloves. 

Chipper Jones was on TV throughout my youth, seeming to always be on base as I flipped through the channels, briefly stopping on TBS.

Since Trevor Hoffman played his entire career in the National League, I didn't have as much exposure to him, but it was clear he was a respected reliever, holding the 2nd most saves in baseball history.

Remembering the careers of these 4 new Hall of Famers inspired me to dust off some old photos I took from my visit to Cooperstown in 2016, shortly after Ken Griffey Jr. had been inducted. Hopefully they will spark some excitement for the spring on a winter's day in late January.