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The Woodstove

(Full Length - Drama)
A woman running from the law seeks solace at her friend's abandoned cabin where she makes an undesirable acquaintance.

  • Staged Reading - Bushwick Starr Reading Series - Brooklyn, New York - 2015-2016

  • Workshop Production - MT+NYC Collaborative - Missoula, Montana - 2015

Bottom of the Scrum.JPG

Bottom of the Scrum

(Full Length - Drama)

A gardener is invited to be part of the house staff of a mansion, and while inside, gets more than he bargained for while dealing with other members of the staff.

  • Workshop Production - Dixon Place - Manhattan, New York - 2016

  • Staged Reading - Brooklyn College Reading Series at JACK - Brooklyn, New York - 2015



(Short - Comedy)

Two blokes try their best to find a pill jar that's gone missing.

  • Production - MT+NYC Collaborative at JACK - Brooklyn, New York - 2016


Family Spat

(Short - Comedy)

A family navigating their way around a father with a compulsive spitting problem.

  • Production - Over Our Head Players at Snowdance Festival - Racine, Wisconsin - 2011

  • Production - The Buttenik Ensemble at Covellite Theater - Butte, Montana - 2005


The Magistrate

(Short - Drama)

Anton Chekhov finds himself as a magistrate and must resolve an ethical issue between a prosecutor and a poor man who has stoled a nut from a railroad tie.


  • Production - The Weasel Festival at JACK - Brooklyn, New York - 2016



(Full Length - Drama)

A homeless couple are exposed to the harsh elements of a dirty alley in the rugged town of Butte, Montana.


Tater Stew

(Full Length - Comedy)

A school boy must overcome the tyranny of an overbearing schoolmaster.

  • Production - San Francisco Fringe Festival - San Francisco, California - 2009

  • Production - Buttenik Ensemble at Live Girls Theater - Seattle, Washington - 2007

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