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Trishul Cherns: Seeking the Moment

(Feature Article)

Ultrarunning Magazine - January 2018

An in-depth profile of ultrarunner Trishul Cherns, who has logged more than 42,000 racing miles in his impressive running career.

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Deep Into Brooklyn:

The Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition


Ultrarunning Magazine - September 2018

Running through the night in Brooklyn during a 100 miler in New York City. 

The Great New York 100 Mile/100km Running Exposition

(Short Documentary)

Starting and finishing in Times Square, TGNY100 is an urban odyssey taking runners on a 100 mile ultramarathon through the far reaches of New York City.

Ray "The K" Krolewicz

(Short Documentary)

With over 500 ultramarathons under his belt including the former US record for the 48 hour distance, Ray "The K" Krolewicz shares some of his thoughts during the Caumsett Park 50k.

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