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(Writer, Producer, Actor)
A backwoods trapper is forced into a life or death situation when he encounters a dangerous stranger at his camp.


Short - Drama

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(Writer, Producer)
Two old timers reminisce about the good old days.

Short - Comedy

Ruined It

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The Moly Spirit Poster.jpg

The Moly Spirit

(Writer, Actor, Producer)
Jesus discloses a dark secret to his disciple Peter.

Short - Comedy

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(Writer, Actor, Producer)

A couple of ragtag roofers experience a series of misadventures on their quest to start a roofing company. Co-written with Brick Patrick.

Feature - Comedy - In Pre-production

Tar Baby_edited.jpg

Southern Gothic

A young biochemist travels to a remote West Virginian town to study the environmental impacts of the local drilling operations, but the town's tangled inner workings draw her in and trap her in a complicated web of drugs, deceit, hatred and something supernaturally sinister.
Co-Written with Adam Davenport.

Feature - Drama - In Development

The Gulch.png

The Gulch


A runner goes off course during a 100 mile ultramarathon and gets mixed-up in the shady dealings of a backwoods mining operation.

Television Pilot - Drama - In Development

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